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SFMC Tips and Tricks Challenge

Michał Rzepka

It's time for #SFMCTipsAndTricksChallenge the hashtag might not roll off the tongue, but let's give it a try!

The rules are simple I share 3 useful, clever, timesaving tips and tricks for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and nominate 3 fellow SFMC trailblazers to do the same:

Zuzanna Jarczyńska from

Rafał Wolsztyniak from

Mateusz Dąbrowski from

Now don't hesitate and check out my 3 tips and tricks below!

Refresh Data Extension without exiting

The loading spinning wheel is the root cause of my frustration in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I would be much more frustrated if it wasn't for this simple hack to refresh Data Extensions without the need to go back to its parent folder.

Just click Add Records and then Cancel. It comes in really handy with imports or any other processes that update Data Extensions in the background while you want to check the results immediately.

Please remember to spend all the time saved by this neat trick wisely!

Data Extension Refresh

Test if Run Once was queued properly

It's a weird one but works like a charm. Have you ever tried to test automation, went through Run Once, selected the activities, clicked Run, and nothing happened? Then you refresh but it's not running at all.

If you are not sure if the Automation was scheduled properly just click Save. If it did queue the run correctly, you should see an error like the one below.

Now the question is, whether it's still a feature, not a bug an error at this point?

Run Once test

Check the Contact's path in the Journey

This one saves the day when you need to debug some highly complex Journey or have to answer that one JIRA ticket about the particular Contact going one way or another through the series of decision splits.

In the Health section in Journey Builder you can search for a particular Contact Key to locate it in the journey and see the path it took. This means all decision and engagement splits as well as send activities. It even shows multiple instances in reentry journeys!

This feature covers only the last 30 days but gives you the ability to eject the Contact. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Run Once test