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Michał Rzepka

It's time for #SFMCTipsAndTricksChallenge the hashtag might not roll off the tongue, but let's give it a try!

The rules are simple I share 3 useful, clever, timesaving tips and tricks for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and nominate 3 fellow SFMC trailblazers to do the same:

Zuzanna Jarczyńska from

Rafał Wolsztyniak from

Mateusz Dąbrowski from

Now don't hesitate and check out my 3 tips and tricks below!

Michał Rzepka

Have you ever though of just googling your Data Extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

In the very first article I describe how you can create your own Data Extension Search Engine that allows you to googlesearch your Data Extensions and quickly access them directly from the address bar.

Click here to read the full article.